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The Amalfi Coast – A Virtual Italy Tour Live Streaming

Join one of Italy Most Beautiful Place The Amalfi Coast – A Virtual Italy Tour Live Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 5 PM – 7:30 PM EST


Hit the Beach – When you go to a coastal region, one of the things you should never miss out on doing is going to the beach. Some of the best beaches in the Amalfi Coast include the Marina Grande in Positano, Cavallo Morti in Maiori, Santa Croce in Amalfi, and Lane Beach in Cetara, to mention but a few. Walk Around and Hike – Much like the rest of Italy, the villages and towns of the Amalfi Coast are best enjoyed on foot, and walking around as well as hiking to and from some of the tourist attractions found here is recommended. This will allow you to not only enjoy your surroundings, but it also gives you time to interact with the locals, discover new things, and get a great feel of the uniqueness of these places.


Have a Glass of Limoncello – The region is known for its liqueur, which is due to the fact that this area is where lots of lemons are cultivated. This Italian liqueur is made using the zest of Sorrento Lemons, which is then steeped in either vodka or Grappa. The yellow liquid that is produced is then mixed with simple syrup that gives it its sweetness. These are served chilled and in small glasses, usually after dinner. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, when it comes to visiting this part of Italy. It is advisable that you should spend upwards of a week to totally immerse yourself in the beauty that is the Amalfi Coast.

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